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A Star Wars themed card deck, with numerous AR effects and puzzles, created by 8th Wall and VR Owl is a huge success giving away millions of cards. (8th Wall)
A Star Wars themed card deck, with numerous AR effects and puzzles, created by 8ᵗʰ Wall and VR Owl is a huge success giving away millions of cards. (8ᵗʰ Wall)

This Week in ARExperience

April 13, 2022 by Jon Jaehnig
  • Hologram creator PROTO, formerly PORTL, has announced that Sean Combs is now an advisor. Combs is also a big investor in the company but more importantly, brings with him valuable insights and connections from his decades-long career as a recording artist, actor, producer and entrepreneur.
  • Upcoming XR platform Everdome announced that the second version of its mobile app is now available for download. While elements of the platform are still building, the app can currently be used to buy or stake Everdome’s native token or buy virtual property within the world.

    • Projects like Everdome increasingly show how selling cryptocurrencies before the launch of an large-scale experience enables startups to source funding without relying on a smaller number of large-scale investors.
  • The Electric City immersive shopping experience launched this week featuring virtual clothing items for AR as well as for VR avatars. The experience was created through a partnership between Yahoo Creative Studios, 8th Wall, aircards, and Ready Player Me, and with clothing items designed by Charli Cohen and The Pokémon Company International.

    • Just as interesting as the experience itself is the fact that most of these companies have worked with one another, in some capacity or another, over the last few years. That makes this another example of partnerships in XR turning into long-term relationships that add stability to the industry.
  • Meta announced new experiences on the Quest Store including the Vermillion VR painting app, collaborative design solution Arkio, and an immersive documentary about a 2018 emergency warning that panicked the people of Hawaii.
  • Epic Games announced a partnership with LEGO Group to create “a place for kids to play in the metaverse.” KIRKBI, the family-owned investment firm behind LEGO Group is also one of the largest single funders of Epic.

    • While LEGO has played with XR in the past, it’s unclear how immersive this metaverse will be. While Epic is largely lauded for its “metaverse” experiences including virtual concerts, these take place in 2D worlds that lack many of what some would consider defining features of a true “metaverse.”

This week sees a lot of gaming news – which is refreshing. For consumers, gaming and entertainment are among the most exciting use cases for XR – which is one of the reasons that this publication likes to focus on enterprise activations. Still, tech developments and partnerships in gaming and entertainment help to drive more “productive” corners of emerging technology. 

We see that in the Electric City announcement that brings together gaming, virtual fashion, and 3D design. Similarly, while PROTO is focused on arts and entertainment, holograms definitely have potential in situations like remote work and collaboration – a sector that we also see represented by Arkio coming to the Quest Store.