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April 28, 2022 by Jon Jaehnig
  • AR enterprise management software from Taqtile is included in the recently opened Oracle Industry Lab in Chicago. The facility offers training and resources for workers utilizing immersive technology so that the economic benefits of exponential technologies aren’t limited to people who are already techno wizards.
  • Snap held their annual Partnership Summit this morning. The event included a number of big announcements for the company including:

    • A new Machine Learning-focused track for Snap’s “Ghost” developer program

    • New analytics features, ray tracing, and cloud tools are coming to Lens Studio

    • New tools for AR shopping

    • New tools for using profile info within Minis

    • New monetization options for creators including mid-role advertisements in stories

    • New “Director” tools
  • Wendy’s released a teaser video launching “The Buck Biscuitdome,” a new feature in the fast food chain’s virtual presence within Horizons Worlds. The new virtual space is hyping the return of the company’s “buck biscuits” announced earlier this month but also seems to be one step in an ongoing metaverse marketing strategy.
  • Positioning company NextNav partnered with Widow Games to create an AR experience that incorporates a user’s elevation. This is an important step in a world where most geotagged AR experiences rely solely on the user’s GPS, which only provides 2D location data.
  • This week’s announced AltspaceVR events include boogie & key’s Meta Auto Show on April 30th. The event will feature “the top auto makers in the metaverse” showing off their creations. The virtual event in AltspaceVR will coincide with an in-person event at the Eastland Mall in Miami Florida.
  • Tweets by PIXELORD and Ready Player Me tease a potential partnership between the virtual artist and the cross-platform avatar creator. RPM’s integration with the MetaMask Ethereum wallet help users to bring their virtual artefacts with them through the hundreds of virtual worlds compatible with the avatar engine.

Hardware announcements and positioning announcements make up a lot of the news this week – which is great. These important infrastructure developments often get lost as people focus on finish products and end-user initiatives. Of course, an auto show in Altspace and a Wendy’s in Worlds provide something for the end users as well.

In the middle, we have the slew of announcements from Snap. This company more than any other is enabling the users of consumer tech to be the creators driving consumer experience, not to mention the economic inroads of content monetization and eCommerce development.

April 28, 2022 by Jon Jaehnig Smartglasses manufacturer Vuzix has donated “a number of their M400 Smartglasses to Ukraine.” With the support of local operators and carriers, the glasses will help medical professionals in particular at a time when communication and transportation have been strained by the war with Russia. LED display inspection and repair company InZiv announced the closing of a

April 21, 2022 by Jon Jaehnig U.K.-based AR experience builder Blippar announced that it is expanding its presence in the United States.While AR experience building certainly isn’t a saturated market in the United States, Blippar may find itself competing more directly with the likes of 8th Wall. Enterprise smart glasses manufacturer Vuzix announced that a Zoom application is now available for their

April 13, 2022 by Jon Jaehnig Hologram creator PROTO, formerly PORTL, has announced that Sean Combs is now an advisor. Combs is also a big investor in the company but more importantly, brings with him valuable insights and connections from his decades-long career as a recording artist, actor, producer and entrepreneur. In other hologram news, XR development studio 8th Wall worked with

April 6, 2022 by Jon Jaehnig The XR Safety Initiative’s Metaverse Citizens Forum took place in AltspaceVR this week and focused, among other topics, on the use of artificial intelligence in building and populating immersive experiences. MultiBrush from Rendever announced updates including passthrough support and avatar integration. The multi-user XR painting platform was created by Rendever after the open sourcing of TiltBrush

March 31, 2022 by Jon Jaehnig Friday saw the opening of the Peace Pavillion within Spatial. Launched in collaboration with artist community The Polycount Newsfeed, the pavilion is a gallery of NFTs with proceeds going to benefit charities in the Ukraine. If that didn’t get you excited about the virtual world of NFTs, virtual gallery experience Mona partnered with Ready Player Me

March 24, 2022 by Jon Jaehnig Verizon continued trailblazing 5G-enabled XR experiences for its customers, this time partnering with Snap, Arcadia, and Cirque du Soleil for an exclusive lens. The lens recreates the “O” experience featuring motion-captured performances that even recorded finger movements of the actual Cirque du Soleil performers.Like other recent XR experiences and applications from Verizon, this experience is

March 17, 2022 by Jon Jaehnig Construction planning app HomeAR launched a product update that includes improved lighting and reflection graphics and a Revit plugin.The platform, which places 3D models of yet-to-be-constructed homes in the real-world build site, also announced that it is working on an in-model annotation tool and in-app video recording, though these features are not yet available. Snap announced

March 10, 2022 by Jon Jaehnig Top story today, Full Sail University announced the opening of its virtual production studio in Winter Park, Florida. The $3M studio was announced in November and scheduled to open this year – and so it comes right on time. The IDC released a new report on “Embracing Augmented Reality Technologies to Accelerate Your Organization’s Digital Transformation.”The

March 3, 2022 by Jon Jaehnig VR giant HTC VIVE launched its VIVERSE network of connected applications and services. Like Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Connect presentation, the launch compiled a demo reel of services that were already available with technology that isn’t currently ready for mass rollout.The most significant element of the VIVERSE announcement was probably that it is intended to be

February 24, 2022 by Jon Jaehnig Emperia has announced its new Artemis platform specifically designed to manage virtual stores for the fashion industry. The Software-as-a-service solution is designed to give retailers access to and control over virtual worlds that are compatible with their existing e-commerce infrastructure. In other fashion news, Threedium and Digital Storytellers Inc. are coming together to launch the first