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July 7, 2022 by Jon Jaehnig Finnish headset manufacturer Varjo released a free eBook detailing the use of eye-tracking-enabled XR headsets for research. The publication comes about one month after the announcement that Varjo is working closely with OpenBCI, a company that makes sensors for studying neuroscience.Varjo headsets have been capable of eye-tracking for some time, as the technology helps their

June 23, 2022 by Jon Jaehnig Meta’s Reality Labs released a post describing efforts to “pass the visual Turing Test” with a line of prototype headsets. The post was accompanied by a 90-second video of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg explaining the prototypes and their various optimizations and aspirations.The posts definitely got people talking about “retinal resolution” VR displays – including a

May 26, 2022 by Jon Jaehnig There are a number of movements at enterprise smart glasses manufacturer Vuzix. The company announced this week that they are working with partner and remote connectivity company TeamViewer to increase services in Japan.This news follows an announcement last week that the smart glasses manufacturer has “signed a series of agreements” with French micro-LED company Atomistic

May 5, 2022 by Jon Jaehnig The XR world celebrated “Star Wars Day” on May the 4th.Blippar created a WebAR game that lets players shoot down waves of TIE Fighters, on their desktops or in their neighborhoods on mobile devices.Enterprise AR headset manufacturer RealWear tweeted that the design for their headsets was inspired by Boba Fett’s targeting system.Meta put a sale